Ku Hye Sun Talks About Her Divorce, Her Future Goals, And More

Ku Hye Sun
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Ku Hye Sun sat for an interview with Women’s DongA magazine. She is in the process of filing a divorce with Ahn Jae Hyun. They became a hot topic after they shared their marriage problems in public. 

Her parents thought she is dying after the articles about her divorce were published. She said she usually don’t angry much but she became aggressive by that time. She said her whole family was concerned and surprised by her doing these things. Her sisters came to stay with her for one week. She was confined to the hospital for a month. She said she got her peace of mind after receiving counselling therapy.

Ku Hye Sun said that she felt sorry for doing things because she didn’t know why she did it. It was hard for her to dislike someone too much. She said that she really trusted her husband so she could not forgive him. Her anger was consuming her. She needed to become better and recover her peace of mind. She is trying hard to forget everything for a better future.

She revealed that her mother disagreed with her marriage with Ahn Jae Hyun. She said her mother knew how hard it is to live on my own after being married. Her mother advised her to be free to travel and work. Ku Hye Sun said when she introduced him to her mother, she said she is only good because you like each other now. She told her that dating and marriage are two different things. Sometimes love disappears while two people live together because they face difficulties. She asked her to take some time to get to know him first. Ku Hye Sun said this was her choice. She wondered what happened to their marriage.

Ku Hye Sun married Ahn Jae Hyun even though her mother was against it. She told Ahn Jae Hyun that she did not want to date. She said she wanted to get married if you don’t like it let’s break up. He told her that they should get married. She said Ahn Jae Hyun will not break up and give up. He was the first man who didn’t give up on her.

Ku Hye Sun explained why things got worst. She said they don’t have many arguments. They tried not to make each other mad. She said Ahn Jae Hyun gave up drinking because she hated it. She said her husband disliked something about her. She said their clothes always have pet hair. Ahn Jae Hyun said they should hold hands and live a simple life.

Ku Hye Sun  talked about how Ahn Jae Hyun changed when he starred in “Love with Flaws.” She said he will always go out in the morning because he will exercise, but he will return late drunk. She said he got a studio apartment and lost communication with him for 1 month. She thought she only needs space and do a good job at his drama. After one month, he told her he wanted a divorce to be able to live freely.

Ku Hye Sun shared that she didn’t do much-acting work when they got married. She said her husband worked more and she did the housework. She felt alone when her husband drew while she became stagnant. She said her husband respected her when they first met because she was a senior. She felt neglected because she didn’t speak up. She talked about the divorce proceedings.  She said they decided to file a divorce because there is no reason to see each other anymore. She was hurt after Ahn Jae Hyun shared their private life with the agency.

The actress explained why she wrote ‘temporary retirement’ on her social media account. She said this was because she of her agency dispute and she can’t work. She wanted to become a great actress or writer in the future. She said she will start with small steps now. She is satisfied with a simple life and hopes to be a mature actress someday. Ku Hye Sun’s pictorial and interview will be published in Women’s DongA magazine’s December issue. 

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