Lee Hwi Jae’s Family Pulls Off A Perfect Surprise As His Birthday Present

Lee Hwi Jae was completely fooled by his family when they prepare a sweet surprise for his birthday.

The December 11 episode of the KBS variety show “The Return of Superman” was centered around the theme “Daddy, Cheer Up.”

On this episode, Lee Hwi Jae was surprised to find a packed lunch prepared for him in the dressing room for his show “Vitamin.” It was actually a secret present that his wife Moon Jung Won and his twin sons had made for him.

His wife had asked his children what they thought their dad might like for his upcoming 45th birthday, and they answered that they wanted to surprise him. Seo Eon and Seo Jun also went shopping to buy a present for him, with Seo Eon buying bread and a jasmine flower pot and Seo Jun picking out red underwear.

His wife said, “I think he’ll really like it. First off, he doesn’t have a lot of fans so if we said that his fans prepared a lunch for him, he’ll be really encouraged. I think he’ll be touched and happy.”

Sure enough, when Lee Hwi Jae was told that his fans had prepared a lunch for him, he immediately became suspicious, saying that this was a hidden camera prank and found it hard to believe. He was successfully tricked by the surprise that his family had thoughtfully prepared for him.

Check out the episode on Viki below!

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