Lee Jae Wook Chooses His Ideal Type Between Characters From “Extraordinary You” And “Search: WWW”

In a recent interview, Lee Jae Wook was asked to select his ideal type between characters from “Extraordinary You” as well as “Search: WWW.”

When asked to pick between the character Eun Dan Oh (acted by Kim Hye Yoon) and Yeo Joo Da (acted by Lee Naeun) from “Extraordinary You,” Lee Jae wook said, “I can’t pick.”

After contemplating, he laughed and explained, “If we’re looking at only the characters’ personalities, then Eun Dan Oh. She’s cheerful, optimistic, and doesn’t give up. It can’t be Joo Da. Her dark side comes out later.”

Lee Jae Wook added, “Eun Dan Oh is born with a silver spoon in her mouth as the daughter of a chairman, but I didn’t pick her because of money. Because of my character’s dad, I can’t stand picking someone because of money.”

The interviewer then asked him to compare his ideal type with Eun Dan Oh and the character Cha Hyun (acted by Lee Da Hee) from “Search: WWW.” The actor cutely answered, “If Cha Hyun is an older sunbae (senior), then Eun Dan Oh feels more like someone the same age or even a noona (older female). I like both of them a lot. This is harder than the question of whether you like your mom or dad more. For reference, I like my mom more.”

You can see more of Lee Jae Wook in the upcoming JTBC drama “I’ll Go to You When the Weather Is Nice” (literal title).

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