‘My Country’ Seolhyun Back Hug to Yang Se-jong [Drama UPDATE]

Kdrama " My Country"
(Photo : news1)
Kdrama " My Country"
(Photo : news1)

Seolhyun and Yang Sejong met again with tears. JTBC ‘s My Country’ broadcasted at 11 pm on the 19th, depicted the group of Kang Gae(Kim Dae-gon) and Seo Hwi (Yang Se-jong) in Ewharu to cut Jung Sa Jeong’s head.

On that day, Han Hee-Jae (Seol Hyun) witnessed Hwi with a mask peeled off.

Heejae hurryed to grab the hand of Hwi to leave the place and said “It’s been a long time. You’ve been alive.” “When I was dozing off, I saw you in the dream but I couldn’t sleep again because I miss you so much”.

She said, “Even if I try to close my eyes again, you are just a dream.”  “Isn’t it a dream now?” She asked.

“While you were not in my dreams. Even nightmares,” he said, “My life was too heavy for me”. I have forgotten you.” Hee-Jae wept as she said, “Thank you for being alive.”

But he left without looking back.

Afterward, Hui secretly met with Nam Sun-ho (Woo Do-hwan). At that time he heard a strange sound and pointed at the bow. Heejae appeared in the dark.

He said “Come along.” and hurried to move another place. Soon after, he reproved her “Why you are here?”

Heejae warned, “my coming can tell Bang-won can come, too. You are dangerous.”

Hwi said, “Don’t come back.” “You saw me kill people. You’re not different.”

Nevertheless, Hee-Jae came and Hwi pulled a bow. Heejae found a handkerchief with a bow. Heejae said with tear ” You told me that you forgot me and  I am meaningless.” 

Hwi started to shake again, and Hee Jae ran to Hwi and hugged him from behind.

Heejae said, “I will protect you from now on. I will never lose again.”

Hwi said, “The world you live in, I can go if I die.” Heejae said, “In front of the Bang-won we do not know each other and I will not intervene without your permission.” “I will go to the world where you live. No one knows.”

A short time later, Hee-Jae turned away, saying, “Thank you for the walking me out.”

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