“Mystic Pop-Up Bar” Recap: Kang Bae Joins The Dream World Lottery Battle of The Dead

"Mystic Pop-Up Bar" Recap: Kang Bae Joins The Dream World Lottery Battle of The Dead
(Photo : Twitter, Instagram) “Mystic Pop-Up Bar” Recap: Kang Bae Joins The Dream World Lottery Battle of The Dead

Kang Bae met Yeo Rin in the customer service department. Yeo Rin helps Kang Bae get hold of the USB and escapes the hotel. They revealed the malpractice of the chairman in hiring applicants.

Yeo Rin lost her job but lucky enough, she is now one of the security officers of the supermarket where Kang Bae works. She was shocked to see Kang Bae and tries to interrogate him, but Weol Joo and Chief Gwi come in to help hide Kang Bae’s mystical powers

Weol Joo and Chief Gwi bought enough food supplies for their preparation for the lottery battle. After his shift at the supermarket, he proceeds to the mystic bar. He was surprised to enter the “Dream World.” With his mystical powers, he joins Weol Joo and Chief Gwi to set up a food stall for the dead people. It’s the “Dead World Lottery Feast Battle,” and one winner will have the chance to get a lottery number they can share with their descendants before they go to the afterlife.

The whole day was fun, and everyone enjoyed the games. Jin Dong, a slave and a poor soul, won the battle. He now has the chance to make his descendants reach in the living realm by winning the lottery number prize. Unfortunately, Jin Dong’s grandson, Chi Jin Dong, will die before he can use it. Jin Dong begged and asked help from Weol Joo to stop Chi Jin Dong’s death. 

Weol Joo discovered that good deeds from a soul in the “afterlife” can be used to stop the death of a person in the living world. Chief Gwi and Kang Bae accompanied her to get the good deeds from one of the people that were willing to offer their good deeds. A kind soul offered her a pouch of good deeds to Weol Joo to save Chi Jin Dong’s life. In return, Weol Joo gave the lottery number from Jin-dong’s descendants to the kind soul.

The pouch of good deeds was stolen and Chief Gwi is assigned to recover it and deliver it to Weol Joo. Kang Bae and Weol Joo head to the supermarket and protect Chi Jin Dong from the “collector of death.”

They only have a limited time to save Chi Jin Dong, as the “collector of death” arrives at the supermarket. Weol Joo stops the “collector of death” from getting near to Chi Jin Dong while Kang Bae stands with Jin Dong to protect him. 

Chief Gwi arrived a few minutes late and handed over the pouch to the collector. Chi Jin Dong’s profile is now erased from the list of death. They save his soul and will live longer as his ancestors desire.

Weol Joo gained another added point to her mission. Kang Bae gets sick as he reports to the mystic bar the next day. Chief Gwi manned the bar while Weol Joo accompanied Kang Bae to his house. She puts him to bed and as she’s about to leave, Kang Bae holds her one hand to stop her from going out.   

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