Nayeon Thanks Fans For Birthday Wishes + TWICE Members Celebrate With Heartfelt Posts

TWICE’s Nayeon celebrated a memorable birthday!

On September 22, Nayeon turned 25 (by Korean reckoning). Fans lit up Twitter with worldwide trends to show their love for the idol, and her fellow TWICE members took to the group’s official Instagram account to share their love for her.

Chaeyoung posted photos of Nayeon and wrote, “Happy birthday to our energy and oldest member, Nayeon. I love you.” She then signed her caption, “Chaeng-ie.”

Jeongyeon uploaded a funny behind-the-scenes photo of herself and the birthday girl. She wrote, “Happy birthday to our oldest member.”

Momo shared some photos of Nayeon that she had saved from various places, along with a selfie of them together. She added in the caption, “Happy birthday Bok unnie.”

Another TWICE member revealed some snaps of Nayeon sleeping and making silly facial expressions. She wrote in the caption, “I only have one normal photo [of Nayeon] in my gallery.. Happy birthday to the funniest person in our group. You know that I chose these carefully, right? Let’s meet tomorrow with smiles on our faces. Let’s go, TWICE’s comeback!”

Nayeon then shared some selfies of her own, along with a heartfelt message for her fans. “Thank you,” wrote the idol. “Thanks to ONCE who are always more excited and happier than me for my birthdays, I was able to spend a much happier [September] 22nd. I won’t be able to forget the effort and care that ONCE put into their preparations. It was a special 25th birthday! So special.”

TWICE will make their comeback with “Feel Special” on September 23 at 6 p.m. KST. Check out their latest teasers here!

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