News Anchor And Chanyeol’s Sister Park Yoo Ra Announces Change In Career Path

Park Yoo Ra, who is known to be the older sister of EXO’s Chanyeol, has announced that she is leaving her position as a news anchor at YTN.

On July 12, Park Yoo Ra posted the news on her official Instagram.

Her post reads as follows:

On the day that I’m leaving, I ended up showing [everyone] my brightest expression to date since joining [YTN]. As I said during my closing remarks, I encountered a good opportunity and have changed jobs. Since I’m moving to a new field that is different from broadcasting, my work will also be changing, and I will introduce [my work] slowly after I have had some time to adjust.

It’s regrettable that I won’t be able to greet everyone through the broadcast anymore, but from a distance, I am sure that this path will be a happier one. Above all, I get excited when I think about being able to eat dinner together with my loved ones and to be able to fully spend the weekend [with them]. Thank you for sending so much support for me as a news anchor.

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