Park Hae Jin Steamed Closeness With Jo Bo Ah In The “Forest”

Park Hae Jin Steamed Closeness with Jo Bo Ah in the “Forest”
(Photo : Twitter, Instagram) Park Hae Jin Steamed Closeness with Jo Bo Ah in the “Forest”

The recent episodes steamed with tight looks and the fancy scene is irresistible. The attraction is undeniable and intense emotions are developed. How can you resist when you’re left with someone who treats you well in “Forest”.

The week started it right and loving it with most of the fans. How can you not fall in love with the first unexpected kiss? The more you disagree the more attraction it brings. These became the relationship at the very start. Park Hae Jin played the role of Kang Sang Hyeok a member of the 119 air rescuer team. Wanting to discover his childhood memories and his only way is the “Forest”.

Along the road, a good doctor actress Jo Bo Ah played the role Jung Yeong Jae sent to Miryeong Forest to work. A place 2 individuals met to carry the heart of each other. The unexpected fate of a man whose heart lost and a woman who gets her strength through her heart. The story unfolds each journey as they unravel each day.

Forest will be their witness to grow with each other, or will it be their cause to fell apart. Last week was the scene where they learn to support each other’s flaws. Jung Yeong Jae outburst at the hospital and Kang Sang Hyeok console her. Their closeness and mocking with each other is quite funny.

As the saying goes, “the more you hate the more you like”. This week’s episode shows both of them become more twined with each other. The forest became their ground of discovering things. Kang Sang Hyeok does not give value to the beauty of the forest. But, Jung Yeong Jae admired the beauty of it.

In one of the latest episodes, in the yard, while fixing a broken bike, Kang Sang Hyeok holding nuts. At the same time, Jung Yeong Jae passing one bolt to him stared the eyes of each other. It was a long full of emotions as if gazing each other’s soul. The locked of emotions through their eyes came more strong after the first kiss.

Watching the couple is like sunshine all day in the “Forest”. We cannot get off the week full of excitement and discovering each other’s past and memories. How will Kang Sang Hyeok open his past childhood in Miryeong Forest? What will Jung Yeong Jae support when they discover more in the coming days?

Park Hae Jin evolve into a great actor in making the scene melting at heart. His skills show more of carrying out an emotion to fall in love. The scenes are too realistic and fun. Both Park Hae Jin and Jung Yeong Jae chemistry onscreen are good. KBS2 is playing 32 episodes and its aired every Thursday.

Last week soared it’s ranked and put the drama on top of public broadcasting channels on the list. Watch it and don’t get lost alone in the “Forest”.

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