Park Hyo Shin’s Agency Responds To Reports Of Lawsuit For Fraud Filed Against Singer

Glove Entertainment has responded to reports that Park Hyo Shin is facing a new lawsuit for fraud.

On August 10, an exclusive report by SpoTV claimed that Park Hyo Shin was facing a new lawsuit for fraud. The report was that Park Hyo Shin had not paid “B” tens of millions of won in interior design fees while preparing his new agency in 2016, prompting “B” to file a report with the Yangju Police Station in Gyeonggi Province. It was claimed by “B” that there were additional fees incurred after construction had to be redone in certain areas that Park Hyo Shin’s side was not satisfied with.

Park Hyo Shin’es agency Glove Entertainment has since released an official statement that reads as follows:

We wish to release our official statement regarding the reports made earlier today.

Park Hyo Shin and Glove Entertainment has never hired the person in question for work and never signed any contract with said person for interior design construction, and we have never received any of the claimed notices of additional construction fees from them either.

Therefore, this case is completely false, and Park Hyo Shin and Glove Entertainment will be taking strong legal action as this has damaged the image of our artist.

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