Park Shin Hye Finds Herself in a Terrifying Situation in The New Zombie Film “#ALIVE”

Park Shin Hye Finds Herself in a Terrifying Situation in The New Zombie Film “#ALIVE”
(Photo : Instagram) Park Shin Hye Finds Herself in a Terrifying Situation in The New Zombie Film “#ALIVE”

Park Shin Hye and Yoo Ah In’s new zombie movie “ALIVE” shares a glimpse of the leading actress.

“ALIVE” is a survival thriller about an epidemic of an unknown illness that spreads rapidly, causing people to attack other people. As the illness quickly spreads in Seoul, the number of infected people rises exponentially, and the situation grows out of proportion.

Survivors hide inside their homes without access to cellular data and Wi-Fi, which disables them from any contact.

Park Shin Hye and Yoo Ah In will be starring the film playing the role of a man and a woman named Joon Woo and Yoon Bin, respectively, and who are now stuck in a currently dangerous city. They both try to survive and keep their safety from the epidemic that is happening at the moment.

According to lead actress Park Shin Hye, she describes her role, Yoon Bin, as a woman who has poise but also has survival instincts and is capable of being resilient. Joon Woo, on the other hand, is the kind of person who is very calm yet pays attention to detail. He is a person who can calmly decide and be rational about what he does in order to survive.

In the newly shared photos of the upcoming film, Yoon Bin is standing by her window, holding a pair of binoculars as she looks outside and figures out what the situation is.

In one of the photos, Yoon Bin looks horrified at what she sees outside, and Yoon Bin also tries to use a walkie-talkie to get ahold of other survivors.

Praising actress Park Shin Hye, Director Il Hyung, said that actress Park Shin has perfectly portrayed the role of Yoon Bin and was able to bring her character to life. According to him, Park Shin Hye has no limits when it comes to acting.

She was also able to pull off the action scenes for the movie. Also, stating the reasons why he chose Park Shin Hye for the role, he said that he believes the actress can bring out the characteristics of Yoon Bin in real life.

Park Shin Hye and Yoo Ah In are told to have great chemistry on the set, and they perfectly portrayed their roles as two people struggling to survive an outbreak together. In the short trailer, it starts off with a phone receiving text messages and alerts about the outbreak that is currently happening. The teaser gives off a very eerie, thrilling vibe.

The film also shared two posters. The first one shows Yoo Ah In dangling from a railing in a building holding out a selfie stick with his phone trying to find a signal as zombies try to reach him out from below. The other shows a gruesome photo of zombies while both characters are on a floor above them. Both of the posters show the highest peril in the film.

“#ALIVE” is set for release sometime in June 2020.


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