“Queen: Love And War” is Near its Last Episode and the Cast Expresses Feelings!

“Queen: Love And War” is near its last episode and the cast expresses feelings!
(Photo : instagram) “Queen: Love And War” is near its last episode and the cast expresses feelings!

The TV Chosun’s romantic drama “Queen: Love and War” is coming to an end and the casts have expressed a few words to bid farewell to the drama and its viewers. This drama shares about the story of Kang Eun Bo portrayed by Jin Se Yeon, a woman who has a goal of avenging the murder of her twin sister. In order to achieve the get justice for her family, she is requires to join a hard competition to win the heart of King Yi Kyung played by Kim Min Kyu, who is troubled by his unusual and strange dreams.

Actress Jin Se Yeon who portrayed dual character roles as Kang Eun Bo and Kang Eun Ki. The young actress expressed that she doesn’t think that she will be able to forget the moments she experienced living as as Eun Bo and she states that she is really thankful for those who loved the drama ‘Queen: Love and War’ and most especially for those who cheered Eun Bo on. She added that she believes she was able to gain so much love thanks to the efforts combined by many people. She is asking that please do not forget the drama ‘Queen: Love and War.'”

 Young actor Kim Min Kyu, who portrayed King Yi Kyung shared his thoughts and said that he was happy to be able to portray and act out as such a great character in a great environment with great people and a great project. He felt like it was dream-like and an unforgettable time. In addition, he was able to form new relationships that he will never forget, so he is very thankful. He is sincerely thanked to those who chose to watch and support the drama ‘Queen: Love and War.'”

As for Do Sang Woo  who portrays the role of Lee Jae Hwa who was trying to target the throne under the disguise of a young man from the countryside, he displayed two contrasting charms. Do Sang Woo expressed that the time they spent shooting in the cold with all the staff, crew, directors and fellow actors remains in his memory. He felt very happy that he was able to create good memories. Also gave his thanks to everyone who loved ‘Queen: Love and War.’

Another actor who performed her various sides while acting was Lee Yul Eum. She portrayed the character Jo Young Ji. Her character was a pure, young girl who transformed into a twisted queen. She shared that her experience to film the drama was very enjoyable and will never forget the moments they had fun filming with the great director, screenwriter, and staff.  And she continued to plead to Please show ‘Queen: Love and War’ lots of love until the very end.

The actor who portrayed the role of of Wal, Hanyang’s best information broker was Lee Si Eon. He shared that more than anything else, he thinks that the teamwork between the actors of ‘Queen: Love and War’ was outstanding. They all had a meaningful time as they worked together and learned something new about acting. Also he expressed his gratitude to the the director, screenwriter, actors, staff, and the viewers of who will love ‘Queen: Love and War’ until the end.”

And lastly, the producers of the shoe shared that the The last episode of ‘Queen: Love and War’ on February 9 has a completely closed conclusion.  The production is asking the viewers to please join them to see how the finale of ‘Queen: Love and War,’ which was made through the great actors’ last efforts, will turn out.

The finale is scheduled to air on the 9th of February  at 10:50 p.m. KST.

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