Rapper KK Revealed To Be Paralyzed After Severe Accident

Rapper KK is fully paralyzed after suffering a severe diving accident.

On April 3, a post was uploaded on KK’s Instagram with photos of himself hospitalized and of the diving accident that took place. Along with the photos, he shared the details of the accident along with a plea for help. His wife also shared her thoughts.

Brother, if today is the last, then please write it like this later. ‘It wasn’t bad.’

Hello. This is KK. I am borrowing my loving wife’s hands to leave this message.

Not long ago, while I was diving in a swimming pool at the place I was staying, I went through a severe accident when I broke the fifth and sixth bones in my neck. Currently, my entire body is paralyzed. I am at the ICU in a hospital in Chiang Mai, and living and feeling every day is a battle. Thankfully, the first response was adequate, and the two emergency surgeries went well. They say that there is a possibility for rehabilitation.

When I was young and my ear was inflamed and began to fester, I only thought that I wanted to die. My condition is much more severe now. However, I now feel only as though I must overcome this to repay the many people who worried for me and helped me. Every time there was a crisis, I beat it thinking, ‘This too shall pass,’ but this crisis is a bit hard.

I am very sorry towards those who heard the news and worried a lot. Currently, the only thing I can do is improve the condition of my lungs so that I can ride an airplane. Right now, I only wish to return to Korea quickly to continue treatment.

As I watch my wife who stays by my side 24 hours a day in an unfamiliar environment where she cannot even communicate, a corner of my heart becomes crushed. Before being hospitalized, I told my wife, ‘Let’s beat this while wmiling.’ Afterwards, I have never cried because it hurt or because it was hard.

However, in this place where the medical fees are so expensive, my family and I are powerless. 10 days of hospitalization, surgeries, and medicine have already easily surpassed 60 million won (approximately $ 52,800). Immediately after returning to Korea, I have to receive treatment and apparently the transportation cost to Korea is 10 million won (approximately $ 8,800) alone.

Feeling like I have to do something, I shamelessly uploaded this. This will be my first and last request for help. I ask for a little bit of strength from you all, like gathering for an energy blast. I will return to Korea as soon as possible and will appear in front of you all after becoming a better person. I am sorry. And thank you..

KK then signs with his real name Kim Kyu Wan and his bank account number.

An unexpected accident on March 22. After surgery on a cervical spine fracture and paralysis of the entire body, he has been suffering so much in the ICU. It has gotten even worse as there are complications from pneumonia. We spend every day like it’s a war, and he can only be transferred to Korea if he improves… But there is no promise yet. Amidst the misfortune, the fortunate thing is that his head was not injured. It is scary spending this difficult time with my husband in a foreign country.

But because I am his wife… I have to get through this.

Despite the hospital fees that only evoke laughter in disbelief and the long times that we as a couple will need to fight in the future, we smile every day. This too shall pass.

Believing that God has only given us as much pain as we can handle, I have been holding out by bracing my heart and focusing on reason rather than emotion. I have to become strong again. I don’t know how long it will take, but I believe that we will be able to stand up again. I will humbly accept the worst and the best situations. Even today, I have held my heart and focused. I will not cry, I will not blame, and I will patiently wait out the time. I pray that he will improve a day sooner and be transferred to Korea. I will never become weak. Because I am his wife…

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