Rising Star Han So Hee Shares Her Life Changed After “The World of The Married”

Rising Star Han So Hee Shares Her Life Changed After "The World of The Married"
(Photo : Twitter, Instagram) Rising Star Han So Hee Shares Her Life Changed After “The World of The Married”

Many movies with love affairs would end up cursing the mistress or any rivals in a couple’s love. This scenario made a twist of fate for actress Han So Hee due to her role in “The World of The Married.” The actress’ character in the top-rated drama made the viewers love and hate Da Kyung. Her performance was recognized not only in her country but across regions.

At the age of 25 and being in the industry for four years (she debuted in 2017), Han So Hee rose to stardom. She appeared on several dramas, which are the following.


Reunited Worlds

Money Flower


100 Days My Prince

After The Rain



Han So Hee was also featured in fur music videos of K-pop hits, including SHINee’s “Tell Me What To Do” (2016) and “That Girl” by Jung Yong-hwa (2017).

Her stories in her journey to coming to Seoul and making it to the entertainment industry are known by the public upon drawing attention for her role in the hit “The World of The Married.”

In the previous article, the actress shared she traveled to Seoul with only USD 250 at the age of 19, and it was not an easy path for her. She managed to work and support herself by also working at a beer joint in Gangnam district. She claimed that her struggle is part of what she is right now, and she does not regret it.  

As the drama series came to an end, her unprecedented popularity rises in a twist of fate. Any drama series with a love affair would make us love the heroine and despise the mistress. But in her role as Da Kyung, she made to justify her love and rise above the circumstances.

According to the actress in her recent media interview, “My life has changed in astounding ways. I mean, my life has really changed. I feel this isn’t something I have attained. The love and support, I’m thankful for all the attention, I need to work hard and to meet the expectations, and it also comes as a burden.”

She recounted her experience working with veteran actors. Han So Hee felt grateful with Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Joon, who helped her get along in every shoot they made.

“Kim He Ae would come for a shot seamlessly set as Sun Woo. She was really focused that I couldn’t easily strike a conversation with her. During our scenes, I had to go along her flow. With Kim’s eyes and focus, I could concentrate. Any scenes that we are together, Kim Hee Ae would react to my acts even when the camera was not focused on her to assist me in extracting my emotions,” Han So Hee shared.

The drama held an R-rating for its sensitive content to real-life situations. This also follows her bed scene with Park Hae Joon. She thanked the guidance from producer Mo and Park. 

Han So Hee continued, “During sensitive scenes, we rehearsed several times. Producer Mo wanted the relationship to not look obscene but beautiful rather, as if they were really romantically in love. There are moments I felt like dying, for it was really embarrassing, but Park Hae Joon advised me to think of it as if I was filming an action scene. Each scene was unique. No part of it was changed or improvised, plus there was a sequence to follow.”

The mistress-turned-wife gained a lot of attention. The actress got hateful comments and backlash from viewers from other countries as Da Kyung in the drama.

Han So Hee thought about all the social media comments and added, “When I read and thought about it, around 60,000 remarks were all hateful messages. I was surprised at the impact to see that the series captivated viewers outside national borders. My Indonesian fans assured me and took my side, saying ‘This is only a drama.'”

Currently, Han So Hee is nominated for 56th Baeksang Arts Awards as Best New Actress category for “The World of The Married.” She wanted to make the series as part of her experiences to be better and take another her next step.

“I’ve gained this urge not to retreat backward. As the drama series ends, my desire is to move forward, even if it’s a very tiny step. I’m not saying that I have to be the main lead. I wish to work on something that’d add even the smallest to my acting. At the moment, I want to break away the persona of Da Kyung and move forward to another role in the future,” she said.

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