Rohee’s Infectious Laughter Delights The Fathers On “The Return Of Superman”

Actor Ki Tae Young’s daughter Rohee has been known to be quite the stoic and serious baby, but she breaks that mold in the upcoming episode of “The Return of Superman”!

The KBS variety show released a teaser video that shows Ki Tae Young going to a camping ground with comedian Moon Se Yoon’s family.

When Ki Tae Young finds out that the most delicious part of an eel is the tail, he proposes a competition to see who can make the children laugh first, with the winner being able to eat the tail.

As soon as he says that, Moon Se Yoon turns to Rohee, who is seated next to him, and makes a goofy face at her. Rohee, however, just stares at him blankly. He continues to pull out all the stops to try and make her laugh, but Rohee just continues to stare at him without cracking a smile.

Rohee Moon Se Yoon

Then Ki Tae Young simply says, “Rohee, laugh,” and Rohee immediately breaks out in laughter.

Moon Se Yoon is shocked and tries it as well. As soon as he says, “Rohee, laugh,” she cracks up on command.

Rohee Moon Se Yoon1

Check out the latest episode of “The Return of Superman” on Viki here below!

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