Sam Hammington Asks People To Respect His Family’s Privacy And Stop Coming To Their Home

Sam Hammington has reached out to people with a plea for privacy.

On February 23, Sam Hammington took to his personal Instagram account to write, “I am always grateful that my children have many fans. However, I wish people wouldn’t come to our home, ring the doorbell, and ask if they can see our kids or take a photo with them.” He went on to state, “Our home is our personal space and our privacy, so please don’t do that. Please don’t cross the line.”

Sam Hammington currently appears on KBS’s “The Return of Superman” with his two children William and Bentley. The siblings are adored by many viewers for their cute and infectious personalities, but that has unfortunately led to incidents involving people going to the Hammington home and asking to see the children.

Because of the continued actions of such individuals, Sam Hammington had to shed light on the serious topic through his Instagram account. Many have stepped up to show their support for Sam Hammington’s request for his family’s privacy to be respected, and they have expressed concern that this might have a negative impact on the children.

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