SHINee Talks About Returning As A Group And What They Did Before Album Release

On the October 12 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School,” SHINee appeared as a guest!

During the broadcast, DJ Kim Chang Ryul explained Key’s absence to the listeners, saying that Key could not attend due to his filming schedule.


He then asked the members, “What did everyone do before the album release?” Jonghyun replied, “In Onew’s case, he spent his time continuously fishing. The other members were busy with solo promotions, musicals, and plays.”

In response, Kim Chang Ryul asked, “How do you feel now that SHINee has returned as a group?” Taemin shared his thoughts, saying, “I feel like I’ve lost the chance to speak. When I was promoting as a solo artist, I had a chance to talk about myself, but now that we’ve returned as a group, that doesn’t happen. I’m joking, I get excited when we return as SHINee.”

Onew also talked about his recent injury, saying, “I had a minor injury during our concert, but I think I’m fine. I can dance now too.”

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