Should You Include Coconut In Your Diet?


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Coconuts have long been used for their benefits when it comes to skin, hair, or gut health. Originating in the tropics, this fruit has been used over the ages time and time again as a significant element in the hydration of skin and hair. Even a little bit of this magical ingredient can do miracles for you.

Coconut oil has also been incorporated in diets to manage a healthy digestive system, as well as weight issues. It is well known that Korean stars often include various coconut products in their diet. This includes most commonly, coconut water and coconut oil. Not just direct consumption but oil pulling for teeth and gum health, application to the face, body, and hair for hydration, and essential vitamins are common uses of coconut. You’ll often see your favorite K-Drama stars on the screen in K-Dramas, cleansing their face at the end of the day with coconut oil cleansing pads or using coconut water toners. A new and more improved method of using coconut is direct intake via your diet.

The easiest way you can incorporate coconut oil in your diet is by taking it three times a day, measuring 15 ml every time before meals. Despite seeming unhealthy as it is an oil and, as a result, fat, you may wonder how it could be healthy for you. Since coconut oil has a high proportion of lauric acid, which is a medium-chain fatty acid,(Lauric acid is water-soluble and is easily absorbed into the body, so it is quickly used as an energy source), it is used as energy, so it is not accumulated as body fat. As a result, unlike butter, coconut oil is healthy and a hundred percent efficient in achieving a healthy gut system, an energetic body as well as help in regulating weight and blood sugar.

Coconut oil can also be used for cooking as a substitute for vegetable oils or other cooking oils. However, you must be careful not to use too much of it. Therefore, it is advisable to mix it with other oils if you’re using it for cooking. Another point to note is using pure virgin coconut oil rather than heat extracted or chemically extracted coconut oil, which has more saturated fatty acids and fewer polyphenols.

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