So Ju Yeon on The Possibility to Date The ‘Real Deal’ Kim Min Jae

Will So Ju Yeon Accepts Real Deal With Kim Min Jae After "Dr. Romantic 2" Ended
(Photo : twitter, Instagram) Will So Ju Yeon Accepts Real Deal With Kim Min Jae After “Dr. Romantic 2” Ended

‘Romantic Doctor 2’ indeed gave way to So Ju Yeon and Kim Min Jae shippers. Given their chemistry in the drama, fans can’t help but gush over the on-screen couple’s little to big interactions on and off the camera.

According to reports, both the actors talk about how close they are. In the series, the actress portrays the role of a student doctor while Kim Min Jae is a nurse. She shared that her leading man has a good impact on her and described him as the ‘real deal’. She added that being comfortable around him comes out naturally, adding the fact that she refers to him as an honest and very friendly person.

There are times, too, that the actor becomes quiet and focused, especially while filming. So Ju Yeon also said that they don’t rehearse always, so many scenes of them were natural.  Due to their chemistry on screen, she gets a lot of questions if there is a possibility for them to date for real. With a smile on her face, the actress said that they are good friends. While she hinted it’s impossible for them to date, she expressed her gratitude to those who appreciate their love team.

“We’re like family. We’re definitely not dating, and there’s no chance of us dating ever. Min Jae seemed to be getting this question a lot too, so I figured that we did a good job on screen,” the actress said.

“It’s true that when we were acting, in those moments everything was real for us. Especially for me, I don’t have any acting ‘hacks’ so I won’t be convincing unless I feel the real emotions in my heart. I can’t cry on screen unless I’m really sad. For the sweet, romantic scenes, I listened to a lot of lovey-dovey songs,” she added.

In the interview, So Ju Yeon revealed that one of the scenes she won’t forget is a moment she shared with her co-star. 

“There was a kiss scene where Eun Tak’s (Kim Min Jae) line was, ‘I’m gonna become a more respectable boyfriend for you.’ I was so embarrassed my face was burning. But the director wouldn’t call ‘cut’, and then I met eyes with the lighting director, which got me bursting into laughter,” she confessed.

In a separate interview, Kim Min Jae described his leading lady as a good acting partner. He added that they talked a lot and took pictures together while on the set. 

Kim Min Jae said, “We are close friends. We took photos to encourage people to tune in, so we just took them while discussing, ‘What should we post this week?”

Given the success of ‘Romantic Doctor 2’, the actors expressed his hopes to have and be part of the third season. He admitted that he felt quite sad when the series concluded. Moreover, he revealed that he received calls from his former teachers after the finale and even got free drinks at restaurants. He added that his parents really enjoyed the show.

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