Sony Vivaz Pro ? An Entertainment Getaway

The handset of Sony Vivaz Pro is a stylish and functional mobile device that is an attractive combination of a QWERTY keyboard and an attractive touch screen. This mobile handset is a perfect solution for messaging that is the prime concern of users, especially young users.

The Sony Vivaz Pro is the updated version of Sony Ericsson Vivaz that has been devised with enhanced features. The handset is designed with great thought and has graceful curvatures thus making it nifty in its appearance. The user will certainly will fall in love with its inside as well as outside. Its QWERTY keyboard coupled with its touch screen offers a complete mobile solution and optimum experience. The messaging as well as galore of entertainment options come with Sony Vivaz Pro.

So much can be done over the handset of Sony Vivaz Pro that users will simply not part their cell phones from them. They can have expedient communication through quick email, multiple SMS and via socializing over social networking sites. Users can store unlimited music and videos over this device and can also share same with their friends. The communicative interface of this phone allows the users to share all what they want with one and all. Users can download plenty of latest applications such as ‘PlayNow’ and the ‘Symbian Developer Community.’

Also being nicknamed as sister-phone of Sony Ericsson Vivaz, the Sony Vivaz Pro is perfectly apt for the advanced entertainment experience and multimedia messaging. Its QWERTY keypad adds a lot of advantageous character to this device without compromising over its amusement factor. It’s designing and devising is extremely user friendly and a part of its integrated technology. The nifty sliding keypad of Sony Vivaz Pro enables users to type quickly their messages within jiffy.

Users can log onto various social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Chat, Blogging etc, and interact with their friends at any point of time. These sites can be clearly visible to the users over the 3.2 inches wide touch-enabled display. The clicked pictures and recorded videos can also be uploaded over websites with the help of its excellent Wi Fi system.

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