Stray Kids Talks About Goals For Future Promotions, Successful Year As Rookies, And More

Stray Kids recently announced their goals for the future and talked about their success in 2018.

On March 25, the boy group held a showcase for the release of new mini album “Clé 1 : MIROH.”

During the showcase, the Stray Kids members talked about making a comeback after exactly a year since debuting on March 25, 2018. Seungmin thanked fans for their love, and expressed his excitement at making a comeback during this meaningful time. When asked if there was anything that has changed since the past year, Hyunjin responded, “It’s still fascinating. First, the 3RACHA hyungs‘ songwriting has improved in quality. I think our songs are gradually getting better. As we hold our overseas showcase tour, I’m discovering the joys of being with STAY.”

When asked about receiving eight rookie awards in 2018, the Stray Kids members humbly thanked their fans for the honor. Woojin stated that they would receive the awards as a message to work hard.

Because Stray Kids was able achieve remarkable results as newcomers in 2018, it is inevitable that many will continue to pay particular attention to their music and sense of identity. In response, rather than defining “Stray Kids” as a specific thing, the members focused on the possibility of their development, saying that they can show off everything that they have. They also mentioned 3RACHA, Stray Kids’s producing team composed of members Bang Chan, Changbin and Han, and the likelihood of their musical development and advancement.

The members first talked about their new title track “MIROH.” They stated that it was a track with a new sound and powerful performance. Bang Chan was revealed to have suggested that the group incorporate the traditional New Zealand haka in their choreography, and the members stated, “As we’re taking a new step, we want to show our confidence and spirit.”

Changbin stated, “Strong energy, positive image, and strong aspirations. I think those things portray us well.” Han remarked, “It’s our second year, so we have an endless amount of things to show. We hope we can continue to receive love and support.”

When asked about the results of their new title track, Bang Chan commented, “There’s the music chart rankings, and it’d be great if we received great evaluations, but we want to share our stories that can be found through this album’s music more than anything. An assessment is an assessment. If our music is heard by many people, and the people who listen to our music are able to gain strength, that’s the best evaluation for us. If we have a goal for this album, however, it’s that people think we’re growing compared to our last album. We want to be recognized as a team whose future people look forward to.”

The Stray Kids members, who participated in composing and writing all of the songs in their new album, said, “While we continue to make music, the thing that we want to show is our musical growth. Although we’re motivated after communicating with outside composers, there’s a message that we want to deliver through our music. We’ll continue to participate in the production of our songs.”

Stray Kids released their new album on March 25 at 6 p.m. KST. Check out the music video for their title track here!

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