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Drama Review 'Fantastic' Episode 14


On one end I’m somewhat annoyed that the situation regarding Joon-gi continues to be stretched for time when it appeared to have largely been concluded last episode. But then again, isn’t that what melodrama has always been about- stretching the pain out for as long as possible? It’s a sensible strategy really, because death is […]

Drama Review 'Fantastic' Episode 7


Mi-seon (played by Kim Jae-hwa) is the third best friend of So-hye and Seol- the one who everyone has to call when they’re in trouble. Mi-seon never really has any plotlines of her own, she’s just a useful shoulder to cry on. Consequently, her character offers some much needed perspective when it comes to difficult […]

Drama First Look 'Fantastic'


Terminal illness is a common and very old theme in Korean drama, but like everything else rich with melodramatic potential, it has often been subjected to shallow and cheap treatment. Love for tears and tension over love for meaning is less common these days, however and so we see productions which make the effort to […]

Drama Preview 'Fantastic'


“Terminal illness” and “comedy” do not exactly seem to match outside of the black comedy genre, yet Dramaland keeps trying to make it happen. Unfortunately, it usually fails. Even so, “Fantastic” is another drama which promises laughs and fluffy romance, along with great female friendship and other interesting concepts. The series does have promise and if it […]