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Drama Review 'Strong Family' Episodes 15-16


The two main conflicts this time are, for episode fifteen, the question of how to best spend vacation time, and for episode sixteen, the question of how to deal with incrementally chaotic financial situations. As is usually the case for “Strong Family”, the conflicts are defined by their relatively minor scope. These are the sorts of […]

Drama Review 'Strong Family' Episodes 13-14


A lot of the story in “Strong Family” is very low key. I know that the central plot of the thirteenth episode was Ra-yeon trying and inevitably becoming frustrated with her attempts to fit in to a more high class mom clique. I also know that the central plot of the fourteenth episode was Cheon-il’s rather creepy […]

Drama Review 'Strong Family' Episodes 7-8


I’ve been coming to accept that “Strong Family” is rather hopelessly mundane. It’s just a story about an idiot dad who’s always trying to desperately to be cool and failing, in various degrees. But it’s because Cheon-il is always making that effort that he’s an easy guy to root for. It’s also still reasonably amusing how Cheon-il […]

Drama Review 'Strong Family' Episodes 3-4


The direction in “Strong Family” is fairly unusual for a situation comedy. Observe how the camerawork is always in close quarters. We’re always getting a clear look a the expressions of the various characters, yet never a clear overall glance of the rooms that they’re in. The lack of emphasis on set design is odd considering the […]

Drama Review 'Seven First Kisses' Episodes 5-8


So whoever’s responsible for uploading “Seven First Kisses” only hired translators for the first seven episodes. Which means if you want to watch the individual endings or the Lee Min-ho segment, you’ll have to go in blind. Well, then again it’s the same general joke for all of them. Title notwithstanding there is no actual kissing in this drama. […]