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Remakes That Are Just As Memorable As The Originals


Recently, remakes have become popular, offering a different kind of fun and entertainment than the original versions. Remakes can end up as failures because they can be compared to the original stories and characters. On the other hand, however, it can add a different atmosphere to the story and character settings, making them as popular as […]

UNI.T Members Share Memorable Moments From “The Unit,” Hopes For The Future, And More

[unable to retrieve full-text content] UNI.T’s Euijin, Woohee, and Yoonjo recently participated in a photo shoot and an interview with International bnt. During the interview, Woohee gave hints about the group’s upcoming debut release. She shared that the title track was ready and they were practicing the choreography. “The title track has a style that all the members have […]