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“Running Man,” “King Of Masked Singer,” And More Shows Canceled Or Interrupted For Breaking News Coverage

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Broadcasting channels are announcing a sudden cancellation of their variety shows on March 12 to air breaking news about ex-president Park Geun Hye’s return to her private residence upon her expulsion from presidential office. The live news began to air around 6 p.m. KST. SBS’s “Flower Crew” was stopped mid-broadcast […]

Drama News 'Worry Worry Worry'


Today I take a look at the rise of office dramas and express my worries about Korean drama and the topic of trends. I also give you an introduction and my less-than-enthused reaction to another minor-adult romance coming up. I am not sure where Dramaland will go with those, but I will personally not follow. […]

Event News Are You Ready for KCON New York?


It’s finally T-1. KCON New York 2016 will dawn bright and early tomorrow morning and HanCinema is going to be there to give you all the goods. Yours truly will be there, Lisa Espinosa AKA Raine, accompanied by Kathryn Kiefhaber, and with our favorite Community Manager/Behind-the-Scenes Evil Genius, Orion, working her social media magic. We’ll […]

Drama News Brooding Bodyguards and Pricey Fish


TvN’s post-“The Good Wife” time slot is on fire, as news about the possible dramas in it are full of big names and concepts. Whether we get Ji Chang-wook as an angsty hero or Lee Min-ki as a time traveler with Sin Min-ah, this particular drama season will be exciting. Meanwhile, “The Legend of the Blue Sea” is bringing in serious […]