The Strange Romance Between The Stars of 18 Again

The series is based on the American movie, “17 Again,” which featured Zac Efron. It is about having a second chance to start over at life after he traveled back in time before his wife got pregnant.

The lead character is 37 years old at the present time, but because of an accident, he woke up being seventeen year old all over again. Thus, the title “17 Again.” The plot is the same with the upcoming Korean series which recently released its trailer. It is also director’s Ha Byung Hoon’s comeback drama after “Go Back Couple.”

The Strange Romance between the Stars of 18 Again

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The Strange Romance between the Stars of 18 Again

Kim Ha Neul, who plays Jung Da Jung, is a working mom and engages in the workforce life after her children are already stable in life. Then, Yoon Sang Hyun, who plays the role of her husband, is a 37 year old man named Hong Dae Young. Lee Do Hyun, who is the person who turns back to his 18 year-old self, changed his name into Go Woo Young in order to hide his identity to the people around him.

The teaser that was showed to the public features Hong Dae Young in a restaurant begging her wife for forgiveness saying, “It was all my fault, I’m sorry.” But her wife, Jung Da Jung replies with, “I’m really tired of this, let’s have a divorce.” But Hong Dae Young doesn’t show any signs of giving up; he then says “I’ll really treat you well.”

 But things get immediately mysterious when the 37 year old Hong Dae Young turns back to his 18 year old self who is played by Lee Do Hyun even before Jung Da Jung could even reply. Not aware of the change, he tells his wife “Please give me one more chance.” Even though Jung Da Jung rejects him, he still continues to say “I Love You, Da Jung.”

Suddenly, everyone in the restaurant was shocked with the sudden turn of events; Jung Da Jung is faced by a handsome, young man who keeps on asking for another chance. Without any care of what anyone thinks, Hong Dae Young continues to say his love towards Jung Da Jung, he says “You are my first and last love.” 

Though Da Jung tries to explain the situation to the young man, everybody in the restaurant was in shock and in awe at the same time. The poeple to cheered for the both of them which ultimately makes things awkward for Jung Da Jung. Everybody was surprised at how a woman who is already a mother be with someone who is still in college and have him confess his love and dedication to her.

At the end of the teaser, the voice of Jung Da Jung can be heard saying, “The story of my husband who returned to his prime years when he was still 18 years old.”

It will surley be an exciting series to watch, given that the movie it was based from also garnered tons of positive reviews. To have a Korean adaptation of the American film, and a series at that, makes it one of the most-highly anticipated series of the year. “18 Again” will air on September 7, 2020 at 9:30 PM KST only on JTBC!

Watch JTBC’s “18 Again” trailer below:

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