“The World of The Married” Actors Share What to Anticipate in The Last Two Episodes

"The World of The Married" Actors Share What to Anticipate in The Last Two Episodes
(Photo : Instagram) “The World of The Married” Actors Share What to Anticipate in The Last Two Episodes

Stars of the hit series “The World of The Married” shared their thoughts as their series approaches its end. 

Kim Hee Ae has remarkably portrayed the role of Dr. Ji Sun Woo. She said she is very grateful to the many people who loved the drama and also stated that the cast and crew’s hard work has paid off. The veteran actress added that the times she spent laughing and crying because of her character, Sun Woo, will stay with her for a longer time.

Then, Kim Hee Ae confessed that playing Sun Woo didn’t make her feel lonesome, and it’s thanks to those who empathized with and rooted for Sun Woo. She continued that the intense relationship between Sun Woo and Tae Oh will remain unpredictable up to the very end. The bitter relationship between the two made them not able to let go of each other freely.

Kim Hee Ae then asked the viewers to stay tuned and find out how their love-hate relationship will end. Plus, the people around the former couple in the drama will become invested in their own lives. For the last time, the actress encouraged the viewers to enjoy the remaining episodes, and they find themselves swept up in the characters’ life choices.

Park Hae Joon, who played the cheating husband Lee Tae Oh, felt sad as he bids farewell to “The World of The Married.” He will miss the filming set, but he feels overwhelmed by how much interest people have given to the series, making him step up his sense of responsibility.

He said he will work hard to show the viewers better things and that the director, his co-star Kim Hee Ae, and the cast members have worked hard. Park Hae Joon also hoped that all of the viewers stay healthy. Then, the actor left a hint as to what to expect at the ending of the drama, saying that the significant message lies as “The World of The Married” ends.

Han So Hee’s popularity rose because of her role as Yeo Da Kyung, Tae Oh’s secret lover who eventually became his wife. In the recent interview, she shared she was humbled by the experience she had with the veteran actors, adding that to be able to work with them made her learn a lot. 

The actress expressed her gratitude to the viewers and her fans and promised that she’ll work harder in her future endeavors to give the drama justice and to prove that the times he spent with her fellow cast members in “The World of The Married” won’t be put to waste. Han So Hee added that she’s grateful to the viewers who stayed until the drama ends.

Furthermore, the actress urged the viewers to keep an eye on what was gained and lost by the characters after the infuriating, emotionally-investing events, mainly in the two remaining episodes. 

Watch the final episodes of “The World of The Married” this Friday and Saturday at 10:50 PMa KST. 

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