These 3 K-Dramas Became Hugely Popular Overseas That They Inspired Adaptations

These 3 K-Dramas Became Hugely Popular Overseas That They Inspired Adaptations
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Some K-dramas were hugely famous all over the world that they got foreign adaptations. They didn’t only inspire audiences locally but also neighboring countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand.

First K-drama is My Love From The Star, which started when an alien named Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) landed on Earth during the Joseon Dynasty period (1609). He has eventually adapted to the physical features of a normal person. He was skeptical at first trusting humans, yet he fell in love with Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun).

Its release date lasted from December 18, 2013 up until February 27, 2014. It was a hit in the Philippines that a remake was made in a local broadcasting network, called GMA Network. The actors in the remake were Gil Cuerva and Jennylyn Mercado. It had 55 episodes that ran from May to August 2017.

Second in the list is DOTS or Descendants of the Sun. Its plot centered mainly on military-romance drama. It had 16 episodes that aired from February to April of 2016. It was adapted in Vietnam and aired last September of 2018, but it had received many bad reviews because of the alleged terrible performances of the actors, as well as the inaccuracies in some of the scenes. 

This was also adapted in the Philippines and has received praise from fans in Korea. It was also broadcast in GMA, and, once again, Jennylyn Mercado played the female lead. The show even partnered with the Armed Forces of the Philippines to avoid any inconsistencies.

And lastly, Criminal Minds, which ran from July up until September of 2017. It mainly talks about intelligent profilers from the National Criminal Investigation or the NCI, a team that solves criminal cases.

This series is also an adaptation of the 2005 CBS show, which also has the same title. The American adaptation of the series ended its 15th season last February of this year. What makes the Korean and the American series different from each other is that the former tackles or revolves mainly on only one plot, but the latter tackles all sorts of matters.

Many Korean series were adapted internationally, but these three are those that stood out the most. Some adaptations were also a hit, and it’s nice to see how different cultures try to follow the storyline. You also get to experience different cultures of different countries in the remakes, and you get to learn a lot of things only through the screen of your television.

We can mainly see how diverse we are as human beings and how we would differ from one another. May it be culture wise or through the morals and values being taught to us by our ancestors. But as you have seen in the many adaptations of certain films and series, we get to unite when it comes to critics and how we can improve. 

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