These Are The 5 Worst K-Pop Stage Accidents

During the last 15 years, K-pop idols have suffered an alarming number of injuries while performing. Could negligence be a factor in any of these accidents? Liability issues surrounding such events can even lead to lawsuits, believe those at

While none of the artists sustained fatal wounds, their injuries were severe enough to get fans worried. Let’s take a look at the five types of accidents that caused the most severe harm.

Falling Off the Stage

Falls put performers at risk of serious injury, especially when the platform is high. Such unexpected drops have caused problems for several idols.

During a 2017 concert event, 2PM’s Jun.K fell off a moving platform, descending almost nine feet. Medical personnel took him to a local hospital and discovered he’d fractured his right elbow and ring finger. The concert didn’t continue, and fans got their money back.

Jun.K wasn’t the only one to suffer this type of accident. In 2016, Huihyeon of the group DIA fell from an almost seven-foot-high stage after tripping. She was able to return to the platform and finish the performance, but later discovered she’d broken her leg and bruised her tailbone.

During a live performance in 2011, DalShabet’s Subin fell off the stage after getting her foot caught. She hit her face on a metal pyrotechnic outlet, cutting her lips and mouth severely. At the hospital, she needed 16 stitches to close the wounds.

Another accident of this type took place in 2006 when Shinhwa member Kim Dong Wan fell off the platform. Due to low lighting, he didn’t see the end of the stage and walked right off. He injured his shoulder but was able to return from the hospital with his arm in a sling and finish the concert.

Platform Lift Collapse

It’s not often that a stage lift makes sudden, unexpected movements, and that’s a good thing. However, when such an accident happens, it’s likely to injure those on the platform.

After a performance at the 2014 Seoul Music Awards, Girls’ Generation TTS started to leave the platform. Suddenly, the lift collapsed, and one member slipped, while another fell through the stage. Seohyun sprained her leg, and Taeyeon sustained bruises.

Pyrotechnic Explosion

Fireworks are dangerous wherever they are. In 2007, Seungri of the group BIGBANG learned this firsthand when on-stage pyrotechnics exploded in his face. He received treatment for burns on several parts of his body.

Lighting Structure Collapse

Light fixtures for music shows are massive metal constructions near the platform or above the artists’ heads. Boyband SHINee was walking off stage after a 2009 performance when a lighting structure fell, almost hitting Onew.

Nearby Super Junior members sprung to action and grabbed the fixture, so it didn’t crush the star. Onew passed out from the shock of the incident and sustained minor bruises.

Slipping on Slick Surfaces

K-pop stars are so eager to please their fans that they sometimes choose to continue performing even in dangerous conditions.

When rain left stages wet, a few performers had the unfortunate luck of slipping and getting injured. In 2010, SISTAR’s Bora broke an arm and a thumb. Similarly, Jaeho of History fractured his thumb during a 2016 Show Champion performance.

Even without rain, parts of the platform can be slick. Miss A’s Suzy slipped on some stairs on stage during a 2014 concert. She ended up spraining an ankle and cutting her leg and arm.


Performing on platforms high above the fans is risky. That’s a big part of why K-pop idols have seen many mishaps while on stage, with some severe injuries resulting. It isn’t uncommon to fall off the platform, and lift failure has caused problems, too.

Pyrotechnic displays and lighting structures can malfunction and become hazardous. When the stage is slippery, it’s easy to fall and get hurt. Despite a history of such injuries, K-pop artists seem to bounce back and keep performing!

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