Top 5 Korean Makeup Remover

Top 5 korean make up remover
(Photo : Pinterest) Top 5 korean make up remover

Properly removing your makeup is just keeping your skin clean and fresh. There are a lot of options from the micellar waters to organic cleansing oils that can get the job done. Depending on how much makeup you use and your skin type, here’s a list of the top 5 Korean makeup remover for you.

1. Innisfree Apple Seed Lip and Eye Remover

Innisfree’s an everlasting favorite when it comes to Korean skincare. It is low cost and widely available. Their apple seed makeup remover happens to be one of their best sellers. It is refreshing, moisturizing, and most importantly effective, the formula is useful for sensitive skin.

You can be worry-free since it is free from mineral oil, synthetic pigments, animal ingredients, sulfate, and fragrances, you can be sure this is a safe option for your skin.

2. Laneige Lip & Eye Remover Waterproof

The Laneige’s ultra-mild formula is designed to keep you tear-free when you’re wiping off your makeup. It has moisturizing aloe extracts and chamomile extracts that soothes and keeps the skin protected from harmful elements.

When you are removing your makeup gently and quickly, the formula does not irritate the eyes, making it safe to use even on the sensitive skin around the lips and eyes.

3. Faceshop’s Herb Day Lip & Eye Remover

Faceshop’s makeup remover is waterproof and it also includes licorice extract that removes makeup seamlessly. The “herb” natural components in their name make the product Non-irritating, non-stinging, and extremely gentle on the eyes and lips. Thus making it perfect for all skin types.

This product is especially formulated for sensitive skin leaving your skin smooth, silky, and hydrated. Your Waterproof eye makeup and long-lasting lipsticks can easily slide off with a single swipe using this remover. Take note, no need to rub or press hard when removing. This product is much recommended, very affordable, and highly available.

4. A’PIEU Mineral Lip and Eye Remover

The A’pieu Mineral Lip & Eye Makeup Removers is a water-based makeup remover that is skin-friendly and suitable for heavy makeup users with sensitive skin. It perfectly removes eye makeup while keeping it moisturized and fresh.

5. Bbia Soft Gentle Lip and Eye Remover

Bbia Soft Gentle Lip and Eye Remover softly wipe away the most stubborn waterproof makeup in one simple step.

This hypoallergenic lip & eye remover and its formula are free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, animal ingredients, mineral oil, artificial flavor, artificial coloring, GMO, and benzophenone. This gentle remover leaves your skin feeling clean & refreshed.

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