Top 5 Most Romantic Scenes From This Week’s K-Drama

Top 5 Most Romantic Scenes From This Week's K-Drama
(Photo : Twitter) Top 5 Most Romantic Scenes From This Week’s K-Drama

We prepared a recap of some selected scenes from this week’s K-dramas that will make you fall in love. These are the sweetest scenes that will leave your heart racing. Watch out for spoilers.

1. “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency”

Gae Ddong (Gong SeungYeon) passed out because she was poisoned. Luckily Ma Hoon (Kim MinJae) was beside her and immediately called out for help. He carried her in his arms and headed out of the palace. Ma Hoon (Kim MinJae) communicated his true feelings for the girl he loves by rescuing her in times of danger. He is like a prince charming who is saving his princess.

2. “Tale Of NokDu”

Dong Dong Joo (Kim SoHyun) accidentally fell into a well. The rain had caused the water to rise and she had difficulty breathing. While thinking this may be the last day of her life, she remembered the moment she held hands with Nokdu (Jang DongYoon) in the flower field. Jun Nokdu (Jang DongYoon) was able to make it in time before she drowned. He jumped into the well bravely in order to save her. He is the hero who will not let the most important person for him die.

3. “Extraordinary You”

Eun Dan Oh (Kim HyeYoon) told Haru (Ro Woon) about her wish to be able to see the stars. Haru (Ro Woon) wanted to fulfill the dream of the girl he loves. He cut holes on a black fabric and make the classroom appear as a starry night. He can see how happy and thankful Eun Dan Oh (Kim HyeYoon) was when he finally showed it to her. He told her that he will do anything for her. He said that he will search for her wherever she is. His thoughtful act had touched Eun Dan Oh’s heart. Can you imagine someone who will do anything just to make you happy?

4. “Vagabond”

Go Hae Ri (Suzy) was badly injured and Cha Dal Gun (Lee SeungGi) visited her at the hospital. She needed to undergo rehabilitation so that she can walk again. Cha Dal Gun (Lee SeungGi) helped her with some exercise. She stood on his feet and they slowly moved step by step. They are only exercising but their eye contact is so heart fluttering.

5. “Melting Me Softly”

Ma Dong Chan (Ji ChangWook) brought Go Mi Ran (Won JinAh) into her house because it is already late at night. They were saying their goodbyes when he kissed her cheek. He said, “Goodnight“. He is such a gentleman and every girl will definitely fall for him. We hope our female lead already knows that the male lead has feelings for her.

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