TWICE Uses Fun Filter To Completely Transform Their Look

In their recent V Live broadcast, TWICE’s Momo and Tzuyu showed fans a video of the members using a fun filter!

During the video, Tzuyu brought up the topic of a fun and popular app that has filters to change someone’s appearance. She mentioned, “It makes your face look like a male.” Momo replied, “Do we have to show it? Do we need the members’ permission?” However, Tzuyu said, “It’s cute, but ask just in case. It’s so cute.”

Momo continued to flip through videos on her phone, looking for ones that use the filter. When she got to the pictures and videos that use the filters, she said, “We can’t do this one, and not this one, but we can do this one. Can we do this one?” and Tzuyu agreed. Momo finally showed the video, saying, “This is really epic. Try to guess who it is.”

The video using the filter showed one of the members looking like a man, and in the video, the member also became surprised over how different she looks. The video spins around quickly, applying the filter on a few other members before it ends. Momo commented, “It makes you look really like a man.”

TWICE made a comeback last month with “FANCY,” and the music video recently surpassed 100 million views.

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