VAV Names The Idols They Look Up To + Their Strengths As A Group

In a recent interview and pictorial for @star1 magazine, VAV talked about their hopes and goals for the future.

The group, who recently made a comeback with their fourth mini album “Thrilla Killa,” revealed that they considered their sexiness to be one of their greatest strengths.

The VAV members explained, “What our fans want to see from us are sexy [concepts] and suits. All of our members have great physical builds, so we look good in formal wear. While our title track ‘Thrilla Killa‘ was more ‘suit-sexy,’ this pictorial [for @star1] is more ‘casual-sexy.’ We’d like to show through this pictorial that VAV is a group with lethal charms.”

After recently wrapping up their “Senorita” world tour, which took them to 23 cities across the globe, VAV will be heading to North America for a fan meeting tour at the end of April.

The members shared that they are working hard to learn various foreign languages, adding, “We [have members who] can speak Japanese, English, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish. St. Van is fluent in Mandarin, and Lou is very good at English. When we can communicate with our fans, we can become even closer with them. So we plan to study hard to learn foreign languages in preparation for our future activities abroad.”

When asked to name their role model, the VAV members all agreed, “Our goal as VAV is to consistently show great things as a group. Shinhwa unchangingly continues to release great albums, and they have flawless teamwork as a group. We really respect and admire them.”

They added, “Although there are many stages on which we’d like to perform, what we want most is to hold a solo concert in Korea. We really want to hold our own solo concert in Korea this year. And we also want to travel to many countries with our new album and meet our fans all over the world.”

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