Veteran Korean Actors Are Dominating TV Dramas

Veteran Korean Actors Are Dominating TV Dramas
(Photo : Twitter, Instagram) Veteran Korean Actors Are Dominating TV Dramas

The young generation is moving to different platforms in their presence towards the small screen. But recently, bankable veteran actors are gracing the industry, showing their top acting skills that affect the ratings.

Many producers are now taking a second look in casting new faces in any roles that they present to the small screen. This led to queries to their decisions about whatever happened to the previous shows, like “A Piece of Your Mind,” which ended than its original schedule. KBS’s fantasy drama “Welcome” reached ratings lower than expected. Actors in their 20s and 30s are struggling to reach the viewers in their representation of the drama stories.

The fantasy romance “The King: Eternal Monarch,” led by Lee Min Ho, who is in his early 30s, was one of the anticipated shows since last year, took a slow reach to ratings. It provided a low viewership score, which marked 6.5 percent for its 9th episode.

Lee Min Ho is one of the biggest stars that everyone trusted to be a viable part of making the show hit the market. Although acting-wise, Lee Min Ho delivered the story very well. The show provides great effects, and budget-wise is huge, it never reaches the top ratings.

KBS’s “Born Again,” whose actors are of the same genre as Lee, the show strives to make it soar to a higher average. Since it aired in late April, the show remains at a level of 2% viewer ratings by drama series.

Meanwhile, recent TV hits like tvN’s romantic comedy “Crash Landing On You” and JTBC’s “The Wolrd of The Married” made a huge impact on the industry. These are shows that are delivered by veteran actors like Hyun Bin and Kim Hee Ae. They are actors that proved their worth in the industry, and they don’t even seek roles, but they remain like diamonds, golden to each piece of drama in the market.

“The Wolrd of The Married ” carries 80% of its actors are veterans in the field, and it gives an R-rating for viewership rose to the top. Han So Hee, a young actress, works hard to present her character with justice along with her co-stars.

According to experts, the increasing age of lead actors is one of the reasons for the rise in the production budget. There is also tight competition in the TV industry.

Culture critic Park Ji-jong shared, “They try not to take the risk of casting actors or actresses with unreliable acting skills and public recognition. Young entertainers eye Netflix that can afford big-budget series and doesn’t care about viewership or web-based drama studios which seek future potential.”

Many rising actors are going to go on different platforms like Netflix to get the opportunity to be known worldwide. This chance gives a path to recognized in the industry with their acting ability. We take, for example, actors Kim Dong Hee and Park Ju Hyun, who were praised for their performance in the teen crime drama “Extracurricular.” The series was a Korean Netflix original.  

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