VIP Cast Shares Behind-The-Scene Experiences

VIP Cast Shares Behind-The-Scene Experiences
(Photo : Twitter) VIP Cast Shares Behind-The-Scene Experiences

VIP is a mystery drama that shows the story of a working woman who struggles to find the answer that she is seeking in the said affair of her husband.

Jung Sun is a decent and successful career woman that works as a deputy manager at Sung Woon Department Store. She is part of the VIP management team. Her job as a member of the VIP Management Team is to satisfy and amuse their top customers who are the special VIPs and VVIPs. She also shows great professionalism at work. Jung Sun is very lucky to have a happy household and an amazing husband. 

On the other hand, on one particular day, Jung Sun received an unidentified text message from someone stating that her charming husband is having an unfaithful moment with someone in the office.She is fearful and scared to lose everything that she has in her life. Jung Sun then desperately investigates and studies the office and her co-workers to find out the said affair. She is trying to uncover the woman involved in her husband’s affair.

Along the way, while trying to investigate the affair she uncovers some secret behind each of the employees at the VIP Management team.Will Jung Sun discover the truth behind the anonymous text message?The “VIP” all-star casts showed their enjoyment in an all-smiles behind the scene pictures.The series became famous because it is an exciting office melodrama that has a lot of twists and turns. Opposite of the thrilling and cringe-worthy story-line, the casts showed how much they enjoyed and laughed when cameras are turned off.

Describing the character, Jang Na Ra portrays a strong hard working female lead Na Jung Sun discovered about her husband’s affair. Opposite to her fierce role, the actress brightens up the set with her lovely smile and charisma that helps light up the set’s atmosphere. Lee Sang Yoon, who plays her on-screen husband hangs out and chills with the actors and staff between takes and he sets a cheerful and happy mood.

On the other hand, the next actress won the hearts of may viewers with her “girl crush” character. This is Lee Chung ha. On the set, she shows off her cute and charming personality.The viewers were surprised when the show revealed that Pyo Ye Jin is Lee Sang Yoon’s mistress. The behind the scene pictures show that the actress turned into the youngest member of the cast. Let’s not forget the mascot of the group the department team’s number 1 trouble maker Shin Jae Ha. He has a witty personality that makes his co-stars burst into laughter.

A source from the drama stated that the cooperation and joint passion of every actor and staff made the set an ideal environment for everyone. The series was filmed in a kind atmosphere that allowed them to create a high-quality drama. Both the actors and the staff of VIP were all happy with the outcome. 

“VIP” is shown every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST. 

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