VIXX’s Ken Announces Military Enlistment Date In Heartfelt Letter To His Fans

VIXX’s Ken has officially announced the date of his upcoming military enlistment.

Although the idol had previously confirmed that he would be enlisting sometime in July, he has now revealed that the exact date will be July 6. Like his bandmate N, who became the first member of VIXX to enlist in March 2019, Ken will be enlisting as a member of the military band.

A representative of his agency Jellyfish Entertainment stated, “VIXX’s Ken will be enlisting on July 6. Due to safety reasons, we will not be publicly announcing the location and time of his enlistment.”

Before the agency’s official announcement, Ken first shared the news with his fans through a handwritten letter posted on VIXX’s fancafe. He wrote, “I don’t know where to start or how to say this. When I think of all of you, all I feel is gratitude.”

“I recently applied to the military band,” he went on, “and because I passed the exam, I will be leaving to fulfill my duty to protect the nation on July 6.”

“I will work hard throughout my military service while thinking of the moments that gave me strength during my activities [as a singer], so please be well, take care of your health, and stay happy until my return,” wrote Ken. “You must have been surprised by this sudden news, but I wanted to tell you myself, which is why I decided to write this letter. I’ve felt truly grateful to all of you [up until now], and I will continue to be grateful in the future; I’ve truly loved you, and I will continue to love you in the future.”

Ken will be the third member of VIXX to enlist in the military, following N and Leo.

We wish Ken all the best during his upcoming service!

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