Watch: EXO Reacts To Kindergarteners Voting For Which Member They Want to Marry Their Teacher

On September 26’s episode of the new variety show “Star Show 360,” EXO gets excited over the results of a unique poll!

The guys are shown footage of students in a kindergarten class reacting to black-and-white portraits of them. They crack up when a boy comments on Chen’s nose, and when a girl says she thinks Baekhyun looks like an old woman. Chanyeol gets called a monkey by one boy, while another girl thinks he looks like Anger from the film “Inside Out.”

star show 360 1

One girl looks at a picture of Kai and hilariously says, “I he’s just sexy!” while another thinks he’d be a good dancer. The guys are amazed when a student points out D.O’s “heart-shaped lips,” which he’s famous for among fans. Another girl says she thinks Xiumin would be good at doing the dishes, which he admits is true.

star show 360 2

Co-host Kim Sohye then announces that they also asked the kids “Which EXO member do you want to marry your teacher?” Baekhyun predicts, “I’m going to be last!”

The show then reveals clips of the kids talking about how handsome the guys are. One boy also mentions he thinks Kai looks strong, while another kindergartener says Sehun looks like he’d do whatever you asked. The guys all smile as the kids compliment them, but at the end of the compilation, Baekhyun laughs and says, “I wasn’t in that at all!”

star show 360 3

Kim Sohye announces first that Suho came in ninth place, which makes him laugh. Tied for ninth place is Xiumin, who hits the table and says, “This can’t be,” and Lay also shares ninth place. Host Leeteuk sums this up as the kids saying to them, “Don’t marry my teacher!”

star show 360 4

Baekhyun comes in sixth, and is happy to just not be one of the guys in ninth place. Chanyeol and D.O share fourth place, and give each other an air high-five across the table in celebration. The remaining guys start to get nervous about who’s going to come in first!

star show 360 5

Sehun ends up coming in third, and seems a bit disappointed after getting all excited when he realized he was in the top three. Chen and Kai are therefore up for first place, and they both say they’d be happy with second place too. Chanyeol jumps in to say he’ll take first then.

Kai ends up taking the top spot as the member the kids most want to see marry their teacher! “I think it’s just because I look the oldest,” says Kai. The hosts disagree, pointing out that the kids said he looked sexy, and Chen says to him, “They think you look like a cool hyung or oppa.”

star show 360 6

Watch the fun poll reveal below!

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