Watch: Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Drops Remake Of Classic Song “A Train To Chuncheon”

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and Yoon Jong Shin’s new collaboration song “A Train to Chuncheon” has been released!

“A Train to Chuncheon” is the May release for the Monthly Yoon Jong Shin project. The song is also part of music project “Now 30,” which was launched to celebrate Yoon Jong Shin’s 30th debut anniversary. Taeyeon was recruited as an artist born in 1989 to remake a classic song released in her birth year. Originally sung by Kim Hyun Chul, “A Train to Chuncheon” was reborn as a city pop track by the hands of Yoon Jong Shin.

In the music video, three young men and women go on a trip to Chuncheon and leave a record of their travels on Instagram. Check it out below!

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