Watch: Jeon Somi Is Touched By How Far Her Dad Is Willing To Go For Her On “Law Of The Jungle”

Jeon Somi and her father Matthew Douma appeared on SBS’s “Law of the Jungle” with model Han Hyun Min, comedian Noh Woo Jin, and more.

On the December 14 episode, the cast members had to survive for 24 hours while stranded on an uninhabited island.

During an interview before heading on the adventure, Jeon Somi said, “My dad and I are like friends. I can be more honest with him than with my mom. I’m nervous and excited to go with my dad.” However, she also chose her dad as the person she was most worried about.

On the island, they found an empty space where they could rest that was covered with palm trees. Upon seeing the coconuts that had grown on the palm trees, Jeon Somi shared, “There’s no shortage of coconuts,” and Matthew Douma began to climb the tree to get some coconuts for his coconut-loving daughter. However, tree’s surface was too smooth, and his feet kept slipping. He almost made it to the top of the tree, but he had lost too much energy by then and ended up sliding back down to the bottom. In the process, the tree chafed his arms. Looking incredibly worried, Jeon Somi told him to quickly disinfect the abrasions.

Later, Jeon Somi, Han Hyun Min, and Noh Woo Jin went to the seashore to find crabs. The crabs were extremely fast, and it was a difficult task to catch them. Meanwhile, Matthew Douma roamed the woods in search of coconuts. He discovered a fallen palm tree and happily took the coconuts that had grown on the tree. He brought the coconuts over to the seashore where the rest of the cast were and expertly opened them up for everyone to enjoy. During an interview, Jeon Somi said, “I was able to feel his love for me once again, and I realized once again that this is what a family is.”

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