Watch: Jung Ryeo Won And Lee Sun Gyun Have Totally Different Mediation Styles In “War Of Prosecutors” Teasers

Two new teasers are showing insight into upcoming JTBC drama, “War of Prosecutors!”

The two teasers introduce us to prosecutors Lee Sun Woong (Lee Sun Gyun) and Cha Myeong Joo (Jung Ryeo Won). Both prosecutors are faced with a similar conflict: two young sisters are bickering and fighting, and each blame the other.

Lee Sun Woong approaches the girls in a fatherly way, kneeling down in front of them and giving them a gentle scolding. In the end, he has the girls apologize to each other and clasp hands, before sending them off on their way.

Cha Myeong Joo’s approach is much more courtly. She introduces the girls as “plaintiff” and “defendant” and presents the evidence of the “case.” Both girls look quite unnerved as Cha Myeong Joo lays out that both of them were in the wrong, but rules that the older sister’s offense is bigger and therefore, she should be the one to apologize. Begrudgingly, the older sister does apologize, only hugging her little sister when prompted to apologize properly.

The teasers show each prosecutor’s personality and their decision-making habits, which sets them up for such a clash in the courtroom later on. Watch the two teasers for yourself below!

“War of Prosecutors” will premiere on December 16 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Make sure to check out the teaser on Viki, as well!

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