Watch: Kim Jaejoong Talks About His Desired Salary, Actual Height, And Favorite Idol Group In “Extreme Interview”

Kim Jaejoong recently appeared on Playlist’s new variety show “Extreme Interview”!

“Extreme Interview” is a program in which celebrities take on the challenge of getting employed. These stars, who have never experienced preparing for employment, must go through a series of tests in order to pass their first-ever job interview. Kim Jaejoong appeared as the first guest on the program in the hopes of becoming a new rookie producer for a cooking program.

During the interview, the interviewers looked over Kim Jaejoong’s resume and brought up his answer for his biggest insecurity. They were shocked to see that he wrote, “Face.” As the interviewers stared at the singer in disbelief, he quickly explained, “I think [my face] is very iffy. I think I have a unique look.”

The interviewers then moved on to the section of his desired salary. They couldn’t help but gasp at his answer of “60 million won” (approximately $ 49,400) with a heart drawn at the end. Seeing their reactions, Kim Jaejoong remarked, “I don’t want to work with the mindset that I’m new. A salary for new recruits is fine too, but I meant that I would be willing to work that hard.”

Kim Jaejoong then revealed that he had a secret—he had lied to many people about his height. He explained, “It says that my height is 180 centimeters [approximately 5 feet 11 inches] on my profile, but I’m really 178.6 centimeters tall. 180 centimeters is my dream height.”

The interviewers then commented that they would begin the second part of the interview, and he would have to face small penalties if he broke the show’s rules. When asked about his favorite group these days, Kim Jaejoong answered, “BTS,” but was given a punishment for breaking a rule. The interviewers continued to ask him unconventional questions, and he was shocked to hear that he had been receiving punishments for sticking out his tongue.

At the end of the clip, Kim Jaejoong revealed that viewers could win copies of his resume and ID photo if the video surpassed 800,000 views.

Check out the video with English subtitles here!

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