Watch: MONSTA X Puts The X In “Extra” In New “Alligator” MV Behind-The-Scenes Video

MONSTA X has shared new behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of their music video for “Alligator“!

On March 20, MONSTA X released a new making-of film that gave fans a fun glimpse behind the scenes of their latest music video. The clip begins with footage of each of the seven members filming their individual scenes for the video, starting with Kihyun.

Throughout the video, the MONSTA X members switch back and forth between being playful and serious in the blink of an eye, joking around on set between takes and then immediately turning stony-faced once the cameras start rolling.

At the beginning of the clip, Kihyun explains to the camera, “This is my room. My concept is sort of a math genius, like last time.” He also points out that there are several mannequins in his room, adding, “There were lots of mannequins in the ‘Shoot Out‘ music video as well. If you combine the mannequins and my actions in this room, I think you’ll be able to deduce my concept.”

Minhyuk also references MONSTA X’s music video for “Shoot Out,” remarking, “Last time, there were thorns [in my individual scenes], which gave off a cold, sharp vibe. But this time, the flowers have bloomed, and the vibe has changed to become a little warmer.” He adds teasingly, “What do you think it means?”

I.M points out that the wallpaper in his room is embossed to look like alligator leather, before jokingly introducing his co-star “Alli.” Meanwhile, Shownu notes, “I’m trapped in my room [in the music video], feeling frustrated: ‘Why am I here in this place?’ Each of us has his own room, and mine is connected to Minhyuk’s. it’s a music video that boasts a spectacular set.”

Joohoney similarly introduces his room and says happily, “This is all mine. There’s a slight villain vibe [to the room], so I’m shooting [my scenes for] the music video to match that concept. The room is so cool, and it looks great on camera, so I’m really happy with it.”

Hyungwon points out yet another recurring theme from MONSTA X’s past music videos, commenting, “Each of the seven members has a room with his own unique vibe, and mine has a lot of clocks. Ever since ‘Dramarama,’ I’ve been given the concept of going back and forth in time.”

Finally, Wonho refers to his room as a prison and jokes, “This is a prison that I had a really hard time getting a reservation for. It has candles and an apple, so it has all the essentials I need to survive. There’s clothing, an apple, and a place to sleep, so I have everything I need. Please come and visit me at my prison, Monbebe [MONSTA X’s official fan club].”

The clip then shows all seven members excitedly teaming up to film their choreography scenes together. Joohoney and I.M seem to have a blast practicing their rap part together, while Minhyuk and Wonho discuss the details of their dance moves.

MONSTA X also gets a little wild while filming a spectacular scene in which they dance in water, with the members joking around and splashing water on each other between takes.

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video below!

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