Watch: So Eul and Da Eul Bravely Conquer A Visit To The Dentist By Themselves

On the August 28 broadcast of KBS2’s “The Return of Superman,” the SoDa siblings’ maturity is showcased once again when they go to their dentist appointment all by themselves.

Like the dependable older sister she is, So Eul takes initiative and sits down in the chair when the dentist asks who will go first.

To help ease the kids’ nervousness, the dentist asks them if they really came by themselves, and says, “You guys are really amazing.”

The ever brave So Eul sits quietly while the doctor checks her teeth, but makes sure to confirm that there won’t be any painful procedures today.

Feeling confident after watching his sister finish her examination, Da Eul climbs onto the chair energetically. So Eul doesn’t forget to give him support and reassures him, “This is something that doesn’t hurt,” while holding his hand tightly.

After he finishes, Da Eul amusingly says, “This really wasn’t anything?,” while shrugging his shoulders, and expresses how he thought it was a piece of cake.

Of course, it turns out their father Lee Beom Soo was watching them secretly the whole time, hidden from view. He must be so proud to be raising such mature kids!

Watch the SoDa siblings tough it out and successfully wrap up their dentist appointment below!

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