“When My Love Blooms” Recap: Ji Soo and Jae Hyun Endure Hard Times As They Stay Together

"When My Love Blooms" Recap: Ji Soo and Jae Hyun Endure Hard Times As They Stay Together
(Photo : Twitter, Instagram) “When My Love Blooms” Recap: Ji Soo and Jae Hyun Endure Hard Times As They Stay Together

Ji Soo and Jae Hyun met at the train station with a heavy heart. She wishes to end everything and bid him goodbye. Jae Hyun insisted that he will not stop in protecting her and continue to start all over again.

Jae Hyun met Lee Si Hun (Ji Soo’s ex-husband) and advised him to release the video to the public. The footage contained Ji Soo and Jae Hyun kissing on the beach. Seo Kyung got the video chip from Jae Hyun’s car and conspired with Lee Si Hun.

Young Woo wanted to help Ji Soo not to remarry her ex-husband. He knows she would suffer more if she commits the same mistake again. He shared the information with Jae Hyun about what they plan to do to help Ji Soo.

In a flashback of their past, Ji Soo and Jae Hyun have parted many times. But they endured and never stopped supporting each other.
Ji Soo decided not to pursue their marriage, which makes Lee Si Hun and Seo Kyung furious about what will happen to their plans. Seo Kyung resorted to drinking and spent the night at the bar. Chairman Jang arrived and checked what led to Seo Kyung’s behavior. She told him about Jae Hyun’s interest with another woman. Chairman Jang was surprised to hear it, which lead him to dig more information about the woman Jae Hyun has his eyes on.

The next day, Ji Soo supported and played the piano at the rally festival in front of the company. Chairman Jang saw her and learned her nature. Jae Hyun advised Ji Soo to stop joining any protest against the company to protect herself.

Ji Soo joined the mothers’ celebration of the achievement exams at the school to support Young Min. Seo Kyung coordinated with other parents to go against her. They talked about the rumors as per Seo Kyung’s information, which is about Ji Soo seeing Jae Hyun and using him to stop the discipline committee. Ji Soo fought back by telling them to stop spreading any rumors, or else she will get back at them.

Meanwhile, Jae Hyun spent the whole day with the prosecutor’s office as they go through with the investigations. He is ready to fight and defend himself, or else he will be in jail for the second time. He is more concerned that if he goes to jail, Seo Kyung or Lee Si Hun will have more opportunity to harm Ji Soo.

Jae Hyun remembered that it’s the middle of the week. He passed by and entered the church and met Ji Soo inside the way they spend during the old days. If they encounter hardship and need to hide from the authority, they visit the church. But their path right now is never easy and has more bumps.

In the past, they spent happy memories together and even took care of a plant that symbolized their relationship. At present, Ji Soo lingers on that thought and planted a new one with Young Min outside the church. Their dream of being together a million years has never been easy. They find comfort in being together as they endure the future.  

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