Won Jin Ah and Ji Chang Wook Makes Viewers Hearts Race in “Melting Me Softly”

Melting Me Softly
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The outgoing romance between Won Jin Ah and Ji Chang Wook has already melted the hearts of their fans. As the hearts of both of them begin to beat faster, they are also facing a new challenge. If their heart rates increase their body temperatures increase which puts them in a too dangerous situation.

This danger of their romance is making all the viewers very curious about what direction the story will flow. Moreover, Ma Dong Chan played by Ji Chang Wook and Go Mi Ran played by Won Jin Ah are both stuck in a dangerous situation clinging to every second to survive. However, to make matters worse, they get caught in a sun shower.

Wanting to kiss someone before she dies, Go Mi Ran then suddenly kisses Ma Dong Chan, right after she apologizes for her action and he is pleasantly caught off guard. But when Ma Dong Chan asks Go Mi Ran if she would have done the same thing if was someone else, she admits right after she would not have then. He tells her that she does not need to say sorry then and leaves. Eventually, as Go Mi Ran reads Ma Dong Chan’s text warning her about this danger of getting injected with the fever-reducing injections more than once a day, she then remembers that Ma Dong Chan injecting her with the ever reducing medication while she was unconscious and feels embarrassment.

After nearly dying together, Ma Dong Chan and Go Mi Ran’s relationship changes then as their heartbeats for the both of them. Ma Dong Chan used the last injection on her instead of himself while Go Mi Ran’s heart starts to beat uncomfortably at the thought of Ma Dong Chan. At that same moment, Ma Dong Chan’s heart races as he recalls Go Mi Ran while saying she would not have kissed him if she were someone else. And this marks the beginning of the romance between these two characters Ma Dong Chan and Go Mi Ran that all viewers have been waiting for a very long time. On the other hand, Na Ha Young played by Yoon Se Ah is still waiting for Ma Dong Chan and Hwang Ji Hoon played by Bomin confuses to Go Mi Ran during their date. 

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